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errno.h File Reference

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#define ERANGE   34
#define EDOM   33


int errno

Detailed Description

Standard C Libraries -.

MPLAB XC16 compiler


The header file, errno.h, consists of macros that provide error codes that are reported by certain library functions (see individual functions). The variable, errno, may return any value greater than zero. To test if a library function encounters an error, the program should store the zero value in errno immediately before calling the library function. The value should be checked before another function call could change the value. At program start-up, errno is zero. Library functions will never set errno to zero.

Software License Agreement

The documentation in this header file has been copied from the documentation provided with the Microchip MPLAB XC16 compiler. The original license agreement included with the XC16 compiler applies!

Macro Definition Documentation

#define EDOM   33

Description: Contains the value of an error when an error occurs in a function.

Include: <errno.h>

The variable, errno, is set to a non-zero integer value by a library function when an error occurs. At program start-up, errno is set to zero. Errno should be reset to zero prior to calling a function that sets it.

#define ERANGE   34

Description: Represents a domain error.

Include: <errno.h>

EDOM represents a domain error, which occurs when an input argument is outside the domain in which the function is defined.

Variable Documentation

int errno

Description: Represents an overflow or underflow error.

Include: <errno.h>

ERANGE represents an overflow or underflow error, which occurs when a result is too large or too small to be stored.